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New version released

Gridd GO v2.0 is here!

Gridd GO is a new way of doing Business Process Management. By using artificial intelligence, you can interview thousands of workers without leaving your office. Collecting process information and building BPMN models – all in the same cloud.

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Create your workspace now. Start collecting information with AI and building models in a matter of minutes. Invite your team to collaborate. No credit card needed, and all user data are GDPR-compliant.

Our AI can speak many languages

When collecting process information from a variety of workers all over the world – it is important to have good communication. Right now, our AI can speak English, German and Norwegian. Soon it will also speak Spanish, Portuguese and French.


What are the main features?


Add your processes to the workspace for complete control and management.


Add workers to your processes to collect and store process steps and information.


Create modern flowcharts of your process in a BPMN-compliant design tool.


Invite your process management team to collaborate in your workspace.

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Let artificial intelligence

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We encourage that BPM professionals are made aware of this new service.